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Eduard Jude Dagsaan

Working Student turned Lead Generation expert turned Operations Manager then turned into a Social Media Agency Founder and now the MASTERMIND Behind this company!

Meet Eduard, a Marketing and Lead Research Expert and Founder of Virtual Support Wizards. With a background as a working student intern turned Operations Manager, Eduard has extensive experience in building processes, establishing SOPS, and creating departmental structures and goals to help businesses grow.

Eduard’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish MyStaff Virtual Solutions, a Social Media and Virtual Assistance Agency that has helped over 270+ businesses and counting since January 2021. Through his agency, Eduard has provided clients with the best solutions to their business pain points through social media management, branding setup, virtual assistance and project management.

As the Founder of Virtual Support Wizards, Eduard continues to leverage his experience in managing and outsourcing to help businesses optimize their operations. With a proven track record of growing a BPO company from 0 to 70 employees, Building a Social Media and Virtual Assistance Agency. Eduard is well-versed in building processes that help businesses scale efficiently.

His extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to helping businesses succeed make him an asset to any team.

The Quest And Mission

We are aiming to become the leading talent sourcing and business outsourcing provider in the industry!
Help 1 million clients get matched with the right fit and get the best outsourcing solutions while they drive growth to their business tremendously!

SEAMLESS, FUN AND RESULTS Driven We believe that getting the right fit doesn’t have to be complicated, it should be easy and SEAMLESS. Working with someone doesn’t have to be stressful too, our core team and virtual assistants are FUN to work with, they are the people whom you can grab a virtual coffee with and Lastly, we deliver RESULTS – after all, that’s the reason why you are hiring someone, deliver the requirements that you need.

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