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Why Choose Us?

Work with the leading managed virtual assistant services in the industry

Work with EXPERIENCED PRE-VETTED virtual assistants with more than 3+ years minimum of experience in any niche

Our virtual assistants are extremely professional but they are also FUN to work with! Grab a virtual coffee or beer with them!

Seamless recruitment process that is designed to find your the right fit!

A dedicated Account Manager is assigned with you to ensure 100% satisfaction rate!

Hire someone who can keep up with your timezone!

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Here's our Client On-boarding Process

Hire the BEST and MOST QUALIFIED virtual assistants!

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STEP # 1

Initial Consultation and Survey

Let’s jump on a virtual coffee call so we can discuss your current business pain points and ideal VA skillset and requirements. By filling out a quick survey form, we can ensure that we provide a seamless and transparent process. We’ll also show you an overview video of our vetting process to demonstrate how we can get you the right Virtual Assistant.

STEP # 2

Talent Sourcing and Vetting

Our team will source the top three applicants that fit your criteria and budget. We’ll conduct an initial vetting process to select the best Virtual Assistants that fit your specific needs. This ensures that we can set you up for success!

STEP # 3

Candidate Selection

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with the top three VA candidates that our team has selected. Our Client Account Manager will be there to assist you with interviewing the candidates and selecting the best fit for your business.

STEP # 4

Contract Signing and Onboarding

Once you’ve selected your VA, we’ll sign the contract and begin the client onboarding process. We’ll introduce you and your Virtual Support Wizard, establish communication channels, and set expectations for your VA’s role.

STEP # 5

Work with your Virtual Support Wizard!

You’ll start working with your dedicated Virtual Support Wizard and our Client Account Manager will be available to assist you with anything else that you need. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and helping you achieve success with your VA.


We help businesses connect with WORLD CLASS and PRE-VETTED Virtual Assistants that can deliver the job requirements and do MAGIC!

Our core values feature three things: SEAMLESS, FUN AND DRIVEN BY RESULT. We believe that getting the right fit doesn’t have to be complicated, it should be easy and SEAMLESS. Working with someone doesn’t have to be stressful too, our core team and virtual assistants are FUN to work with, they are the people whom you can grab a virtual coffee with and Lastly, we deliver RESULTS – after all, that’s the reason why you are hiring someone, deliver the requirements that you need.

Get in touch directly with our Virtual Support Wizard Specialist and get 10% Discount on your FIRST 3 MONTHS!

Our virtual assistants undergo pre-screening to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest tool trends, enabling them to achieve the highest project success rates possible.

Why settle for less?
Get the BEST!

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